The Responsible Artist

by Pterofractyl

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This album was written and recorded from 3/12-8/12. It is my first
foray into completing a project entirely by myself. I'm incredibly
excited with both the result of this recording and for what I will do
moving forward, now that I've further developed skills in seeing a
vision through from inception to completion.

The title, "The Responsible Artist," embodies the concept of
balancing the need for creative output with real world obligations.
One can move too far in either direction: by losing touch with the
needs of reality, or conversely, by sacrificing the internal desire to
create in order to function within cultural expectations. Ideally,
"The Responsible Artist" is someone who manages to find to that
perfect balance between these seemingly opposing commitments, by
obtaining a singular fulfilling experience. It is something I strive
for on a daily basis, but have not yet mastered.


released August 19, 2012

Written, Performed, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Zachary Guy-Frank

Artwork by Jonathan Hafer



all rights reserved


Pterofractyl Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pterofractyl is:

Zachary Guy-Frank: Vocals, Keyboard

Charlie Heim: Drums

Silvio Navarro: Bass, Vocals

Darren Campo: Guitar

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Track Name: Taking Time
give me the answers
to batten down the hatches
from all these questions
asking questions
in formal tongues

i'm looking outside
the ground is pushing bones
up to the surface
its belly is so full

let me take my time
let me take my time
i'm taking time
i'm taking time

was it always me?
could I just not see?
that this is where the path was meant to lead
was it always me?
could I just not see?
i'm sitting skipping stones
i'm sitting skipping stones

give me the answers
i need a grudge to pull me
through these questions
all these questions
on and on
Track Name: Bird Lady
bird lady
these dull teeth breed local haunts
now i'm bored in this town

bird lady
but if balance should catch me
i'll empty my heart

if all that sound is inspiration
then why do you bar the doors
while you sleep in a building on fire?

well no one's crossing your threshold
the traps that you set burden you
while you sleep in a building on fire

you sleep in a building on fire

bird lady
these glass dreams they gather dust
while my madness shows them off

bird lady
if a conscience should find me
i'll graft it to my mind
Track Name: The Early Mark
i've paid this toll for ten long years
all in the name of progress
and now i tread these crooked miles
to find a way out of here

dull life
dull boy

i missed the early mark
but I'm ready to roll
yeah I'm ready to roll

if constant promise holds all sway
blind horses lead the carriage
the toothless tooth will not guide me
i'll fight my way out of here
Track Name: Hissy Fit
watch your tongue
you'd better mind what you say
ticking away each day
like its the last one

hold that thought
be sure to mind when you speak
and take nothing of what you see
except what's granted to you

watch your tongue
before it gives you away
hold the hand that feeds you
but don't let it come inside

i fell in love with that feeling but it turned on me
it put my life in a jar and set it out of reach
then said:
“nothing in this world is free
if this is what you need
you'd better beg and plead yeah”

bite your tongue
calm the thoughts in your head
picking and picking
the words to form
all the answers you choose
Track Name: My Neighbor's Tower
if we're collapsing
if we can't run
just pull us to the exit
cause time goes quickly
it forgets your name

take all your teeth out
place them within
a lost cause
where rocks hit bottom
cause time goes quickly
it forgets your face

as the towers became a part of the landscape
the neighbors
living under their shadow
were sometimes doubtful
sometimes tolerant
often bewildered

if we're just shapeless
if we're all high and dry
just cut the tightrope
cause time goes quickly
it forgets your name

your name
your face